Our proposition

As a game developer a lot of things go through Your head when developing a game: the game idea, graphics, motion, physics and from where do one get the music?

At some point the question of monetization will also come up. Monetization...?

Here is where we step in. We provide game developers a framework to tap into the blockchain space. We provide a framework to reward Your players and to reward You.

You will be able participate in the revenue being provided by people playing Your game in cryptocurrency. How? Hear us out.

The idea

Martin found this great game designed by You. When starting the game, the game offers him to register on the any of the participating coins on the play portal for free. Currently two coins are participating: Atheios and ETHO. Let us tak the example of Atheios. At registration Martin receives 10 ATH to wage. Martin likes the game and get's good at it: with each gameplay he wages 1 Atheios (1 ATH) to play. After some training he has a good position in the leader board. If others join the game play everybody spend Atheios and contribute to the top players and the game developer. After a certain criteria (ie 50 games played, or after a day, or after a week) the “payday” comes and the funds are distributed back. By now lets say 50 Atheios are in the pot. They can be then distributed by a certain rule: first place gets maybe 30%, 2nd place 20% and 3rd place 10%. 40% would go to You the game developer. We think this concept, powered by blockchain technology, we can change the gaming market...

The GARP backbone

We are facilitating the different blockchains to get access to different currencies: currently Atheios and Ether-1. We will provide tools to provide leaderboards, game resolution and blockchain access. The functionality will be offered with an API. The API will be available for diffferent game engines. We have started with CONSTRUCT 3, others will follow. Game developers register via the coin specific Game developer portal, gamers will use the coin specific Play portal.

Platforms supported

Our intention is to do the development for a couple of platforms, but we will start with CONSTRUCT 3.

Sierra: Construct 3

We have developed a 3rd party module for Construct 3. As a game developer You can add Atheios as a third party module to offer Your players a possibility to use Atheios for gaming.

The add-on is free of charge and enables You to earn Atheios with every game, but also provides statistics about Your game and much more. You can download the module here.