What is new

Here You can follow the latest upgrades and improvements to the service

0.1.62020-06-21Added functionality
  • New logo and splash screen
  • General and per game stats functions
  • Party mode
  • Improved pot distribution functions
  • Improved email interactions
0.1.42020-04-25Added functionality
  • User interface improvements
  • Added wage info in game
  • Changed gameurl handling
0.1.32020-04-09Added functionality
  • Removed websocket handling to own server
  • Bugzille integration
  • Added REST API
0.1.22020-03-29Added functionality
  • Game resolution improvements and mailing added
  • Added logging
  • Improved and hardened API
  • Aligned with CONSTRUCT 3 plugin 0.1.2
0.1.12020-02-23Added functionality
  • Added game resolution
  • Improved and hardened API
  • Aligned with CONSTRUCT 3 plugin
0.1.02020-02-16Added functionality
  • SetWageRequest/Response implemented
  • FinishGameRequest/Response implemented
  • GameLadderRequest/Response implemented
0.0.92020-01-19Added functionality
  • AccountDetailsRequest/Response implemented
0.0.82020-01-11Added functionality
  • User class extended with nickname and relation class
  • Added User authentication
0.0.72020-01-04Added websocket functionality
  • when the game id is wrong, close socket
  • add load distribution to other server based on IP (allows for geo separation)
0.0.62019-12-31Adding publish and delete routines
0.0.52019-12-27Cleaned up the reset procedures.
0.0.42019-12-26Changed to new numbering. Completed the game registration to a 3 stage process.
0.0.32019-12-25Added user management to reset password and remind on user id. Reviewed layout. Game asset handling not yet fully functional
0.0.22019-12-21Added websocket authentication for clients
0.0.12019-09-01Initial launch